Arrested for Drug Posession? What To Do If You Find Yourself Arrested

If you find yourself arrested for drug possession, there are some important steps you should follow to help with the legal process which could help reduce penalties that follow an arrest.

Police Searches
You should be familiar with what the police are permitted to do during and after an arrest.  Many drug charges result from traffic stops, but the police often take their authority to the extreme and many times conduct illegal searches. Police are allowed to search your vehicle if you were in it when they stopped you.  However, you do not have to let them unless you or a passenger has a warrant or are suspected of committing another crime.

Sobriety Testing
Police are allowed to perform sobriety tests with the suspicion of being under the influence.  Police can question you, but you do not have to answer their questions, and you shouldn’t answer them if you believe you can’t answer without incriminating yourself.  You also do not have to submit to a test or sample if the officer asks you to, but it may make your defense slightly trickier.

If You Are Taken to Jail
You are allowed to use the phone at the police station. You should call a lawyer immediately. Once you have made contact with an attorney, you should not make any comments to the police. The attorney will speak on your behalf.  It is also important that before you say anything in an interrogation, you have your rights read to you.  When your attorney arrives, you may meet with him in confidence. Remember, the attorney is there to help you, not the police.

Retaining an Attorney
Even if you believe you are not guilty, you still need a criminal defense lawyer to prove your innocence. The Meehan Law Firm is a St. Louis based legal firm dedicated to defending individuals facing all levels of state and federal investigations and prosecutions. The Meehan Law Firm brings more than 23 years of expert legal experience in the field of criminal defense. We provide each client with devoted personal attention starting with your free consultation until your case is completely resolved. Our dedication is measured through honesty, integrity and extraordinary client services.

Next Steps
It is possible that, if charged, you may be eligible for the Drug Court, a unique program that allows you to avoid any criminal record if you complete an intensive 15-month drug education and rehabilitation program. Other offenders are eligible for probation, which also results in no felony conviction. Please contact our office for further details.

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