We’ve all seen the ads. Loud, in-your-face commercials where a rough-and-tough attorney claims to be the best lawyer in town. Unfortunately, their claims of success and effectiveness do not meet with the reality of their legal skills. Is this the kind of lawyer you want representing you?

There are many perils in picking a TV lawyer. First, many of the TV advertising firms do not even have offices in the State of Missouri. These are national law firms that collaborate with a local firm to be their local mailbox. You will deal with a series of claims handlers and paralegals, and never meet a lawyer.

Most of the TV advertising lawyers use a telephone screening process to evaluate your claim and decide whether they are even interested. Most of these law firms are cherry pickers and are looking for the easiest cases that they can settle quickly, and with little effort. If you decide to hire them, you will likely never meet with a lawyer and all of your dealings will be through a paralegal, which is just a specially trained secretary. If the law firm cannot settle the case, they will either farm the case out to another lawyer that does know how to try a case, or they will give you back your file. Is this the kind of lawyer you want to hire?

Choosing an attorney is probably one of the most important things that a person in peril will do. You want to be comfortable with the lawyer and make sure you have a good personal rapport. Lawyers like the Meehan Law Firm insist that we meet with every client personally, and make sure that we can take care of their personal needs. We have over twenty-seven (27) years of experience in Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois courts. We know the judges, the opposing lawyers, and the insurance companies that practice in this area. If you have a serious injury claim, legal malpractice claim, or workers’ compensation claim, please consider the Meehan Law Firm as we are the Real McCoy.