The Meehan Law Firm’s recent settlement in an infant death case demonstrates the need for in-home child care providers to carry business insurance. While in the care of an in-home child care provider, the child was placed near a pillow and suffocated.

Unfortunately, the child care provider involved violated child care regulations by having too many children in the home, and the child care was not licensed. The child care provider was found negligent and ordered to pay $100,000. The settlement was paid by State Farm Fire & Casualty Co.

This accident was very tragic. However, without the insurance, the parents of the infant would not have been able to recover anything for the loss of their son. It is rare for an in home child care provider to add supplemental business insurance to a homeowner’s insurance policy.

If your child has been the victim of negligence by a child care provider, contact the Meehan Law Firm to discuss your options for pursuing a lawsuit.