What To Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

There comes a time when an adult parent turns to a nursing home to provide a loving and caring home for an elderly loved one. Unfortunately, some nursing homes have been known to take advantage of their residents’ vulnerable state.

Types of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse can occur in many forms. While living in a nursing home, senior citizens can be abused physically, sexually, and verbally. Some abuse is obvious, such as hitting a resident. But others are less well known to the public, such as neglect, false imprisonment and financial abuse.
Neglect. Neglect can become abuse when it leads to serious, actual or possible harm. For example, if an elderly resident relies on nursing home staff to provide medication and the staff does not provide the resident’s medication, the elderly resident could have a very serious reaction. This could be considered physical abuse and neglect.

False Imprisonment. False imprisonment occurs when the nursing home staff prevents the resident from leaving a certain area, such as their room, bed or a wing of the facility. Residents are usually left without their wheelchair or crutches and may even be threatened that they will be deprived of food or water for not cooperating.

Financial. A staff member could also potentially steal a resident’s personal property or even withdraw money from a resident’s bank account. There have been cases where a staff member has put pressure on a senior to modify a will, deed or trust. Financial abuse can also come in the form of false fees or charges that deprive a resident of a significant amount of their income or savings.

Know the Signs.

While physical abuse is certainly more apparent, others are hard to spot. Generally, you should be watchful if a staff member is unwilling to let you spend time alone with an elderly resident.

How a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Can Help

Most nursing homes are staffed by low-skilled employees and supervised by one medical doctor who may or may not be trained in geriatric medicine.
The attorneys of Missouri’s Meehan Law Firm have access to experts in the industry that can review the level and quality of patient care to determine what mistakes were made and how they may have resulted in injury or death to your loved one. Contact an attorney to discuss your case today.