The Meehan Law Firm has been involved in recent litigation with several TV life insurance carriers. These companies include Globe Insurance, Gerber Life and AARP sponsored policies which are advertised on cable and late-night television programs. All policies offer low premiums and easy terms. Typically, the policies are issued without any type of physical examination or are based simply on a written application. The Meehan Law Firm has discovered that problems occur though when claims are made and the policy benefits are routinely denied to benefit survivors.

The Meehan Law Firm has litigated multiple claims with Gerber, Globe and AARP and has been successful in obtaining benefits for all of its clients. The two most common denial reasons are health and misstatements on the policies. The Meehan Law Firm has discovered that the policies generally do not have any type of affirmation or oath, and therefore under Missouri law the policies cannot be denied unless there is a material misstatement of fact that is known to be intentional by the applicant. This is almost impossible to prove, and The Meehan Law Firm has been successful in refuting that defense in almost every claim.

The Meehan Law Firm has seen a new development, where a higher policy amount is applied and paid for, but when the death benefit is paid only a percentage of the payout is made. The Meehan Law Firm believes that many claimants are being systematically denied their true life insurance benefits.

If you have been denied benefits by any insurance company, but especially one of these TV life insurance companies, call The Meehan Law Firm today for a free consultation.