Personal Injury: Commercial Vehicle/Truck Accidents

If you have been injured as a result of the negligence of a professional driver, be it in a truck accident, a bus accident, or some other commercial vehicle accident, there are different circumstances distinguishing the incident from other motor vehicle accidents.

The transportation industry has been growing rapidly, and there is a shortage of experienced drivers. Most drivers of commercial vehicles have surprisingly little or no training. The attorneys of Missouri’s Meehan Law Firm have access to experts in the field of transportation that can analyze the operation of the truck, bus or other commercial vehicle that caused your accident. Oftentimes we will discover that the vehicle was improperly maintained, that the driver was improperly trained or that the driver has a history of recklessness.

Many small trucking firms have inadequate insurance limits, and it is important to find other responsible parties, such as leased vehicles, logistic companies, or other companies in the transportation network. Since commercial vehicle accidents are often catastrophic, it is important to include as many responsible parties as possible in order to enhance the pool of recovery.

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