DWI/DUI/Drugs, Domestic Assault, Sex Offenses, Property Crimes & Federal Crimes

The Meehan Law Firm is a St. Louis based legal firm dedicated to defending individuals facing all levels of state and federal investigations and prosecutions. The Meehan Law Firm brings more than 23 years of expert legal experience in the field of criminal defense and white collar crimes. We provide each client with devoted personal attention starting with your free consultation until your case is completely resolved. Our dedication is measured through honesty, integrity and extraordinary client services. The firm utilizes the collective skills and experiences of each of our attorneys to provide the maximum benefit to each and every client.

Because of our diligent representation and thorough preparation, many of our victories are clients who were never charged which resulted in avoiding the publicity associated with formal criminal charges. We have represented clients in many criminal jury trials in state and federal courts. We defend our clients with a detail-oriented, comprehensive criminal defense.

The allegations of a crime, whether in front of a judge, jury, or a professional review board can have consequences that will follow you for life. A criminal conviction involving DWI, drug, or an internet crime can lead to jail and leave you with a permanent criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life.

Even if you believe you are not guilty, you still need a criminal defense lawyer to prove your innocence. To benefit from our more than 23 years of criminal defense experience, contact us at 314-725-9994 for your free consultation. Our firm represents clients in the state and federal courts of Missouri and Illinois.