Worker’s Compensation: Workplace Traumatic Injury

Workplace traumatic injury describes the most common type of workers’ compensation injuries. These injuries usually result from trips, falls or collisions in the workplace. They often result in orthopedic injuries – including brain injury, head injury or back injury – that need to be addressed by qualified physicians. Most workers’ compensation carriers send injured employees to non-specialists who do not properly diagnose or adequately treat these injuries.

You need an attorney with access to specialists who can accurately assess your injuries. We can then force the insurance companies and your employers to send you to an appropriate care physician. The more treatment that one receives, the better response the person will have, and the less chance there will be of permanent disability.

As a result of the 2005 Missouri legislative reforms, an issue has developed regarding reinjury to a body part that was hurt in a previous workers’ compensation claim or other traumatic incident. Under the new law, work has to be the substantial factor in the injury. This has led many employers and their insurance companies to deny otherwise compensable cases simply because the person had a prior accident in their history. You will need an attorney to assist you in getting over this hurdle.

Workplace traumatic injury can also result in future medical needs, which the Workers’ Compensation Division must address in connection with their award. Again, we have experts that can assess whatever your future medical needs might be.