Personal Injury: School Accidents

If your child or grandchild has been injured while attending school or a daycare center, then you may seek recovery for negligent supervision. Schools and daycare centers must exercise a high degree of care while in the charge of minor children. Schools are generally given some amount of immunity, but the teachers they employ are liable for the damages in school accidents.

You may also recover for dangerous playground equipment or defective conditions on the playground such as holes, gravel, or snow and ice. In addition, if your child has been injured in a fight at school, the school may be responsible for failing to provide adequate security. School districts carry insurance to cover these types of claims; once you employ an attorney, they will usually compensate you for your child’s injury.

If your child is injured in a school bus accident, these are usually operated by independent contractors, who are responsible for any injury, illness or death that occurs while they are transporting students.