The Meehan Law Firm recently concluded litigation for Khiry Thomas, who was 16 when he was struck by an uninsured motorist in his neighborhood.  Several other lawyers had dropped the case because they could not find any insurance.

The Meehan Law Firm recognized that uninsured motorist benefits are available to anyone who is a minor but lives in multiple households.  At the time Khiry had lived with his mother, and also his maternal grandfather.  His maternal grandfather had a policy of insurance with Geico, and The Meehan Law Firm was able to successfully persuade Geico to pay its policy limits of $100,000.00.

Khiry sustained a serious fracture to his right leg that required an operation and the insertion of metal prosthetics.  This case is a good example of why you never want to give up on any claim, even if the original driver is uninsured.  It also points out problems with the new Missouri statute that prohibits uninsured drivers from pursuing injury claims.  In this case, the law would have been inapplicable because Khiry was a pedestrian.

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