Meehan Law Firm Obtains Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Doe Run Lead Worker

The Meehan Law Firm recently obtained a substantial Workers’ Compensation settlement for a contract worker at the Doe Run smelter in Washington County, Missouri.  This worker had been directly exposed to the shredder area of the smelter, where some of the most toxic levels of lead exist.  The employer had furnished insufficient respiratory masks, which exposed this worker to excessive levels of lead.

Lead exposure in adults can cause neurologic problems, kidney problems, joint pain and cognitive issues.  The employer denied any liability; however, after obtaining medical records and obtaining an expert medical report, the Meehan Law Firm was able to negotiate a substantial settlement for the employee.

If you or anyone you know has been exposed to lead in the workplace or nearby a lead smelter, please contact the Meehan Law Firm to protect your rights.  You or your loved ones may be entitled to substantial compensation.  By the way, Brown & Crouppen, Brown & Brown and Cofman Townsley do not take these kinds of cases.  You need the expert legal help of the Meehan Law Firm. Contact us today.