Legal Malpractice

At the Meehan Law Firm, our attorneys represent clients that have suffered due to legal malpractice. In legal malpractice litigation, the main challenge is to prove that you have suffered a loss due to the negligence or misconduct your previous legal representation. Most established professionals carry malpractice or other liability insurance, which helps to assure that the losses of injured clients can be recovered. This pulls an insurance company into the case.

In lawsuits involving attorneys, however, it is not only necessary to prove negligence and resulting losses, you also need to show how the error or omission on the part of the defendant professional represented a failure to comply with recognized standards of practice or ethical conduct.

Proving liability and damages in legal malpractice cases can be difficult. In a legal malpractice case involving dismissal of a personal injury claim due to your lawyer’s failure to meet a filing deadline, the plaintiff will often need to prove his or her entire personal injury case in the malpractice lawsuit, with the insurance company stepping into the shoes of the defendant.

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Holding Lawyers To A Higher Standard

The Meehan Law Firm is one of a select few firms in St. Louis that takes on legal malpractice cases. Our client list ranges from individuals who have lost their civil litigation or personal injury cases because of their lawyer’s carelessness or mismanagement, to the corporations whose in-house counsel did not or does not represent the best interests and wishes of the company.

For a legal malpractice claim, the situation must meet the following criteria:

  • There must be an attorney-client relationship
  • There must be a breach of the standard of care an attorney provides a client
  • The breach was the proximate cause of damage
  • The damage would not have occurred “but for” the lawyers neglect

Legal malpractice cases are one of the Meehan Law Firm’s areas of expertise. If you feel you have been wronged by past legal counsel and would like a consultation on the case, contact us today at 314-725-9994. At the Meehan Law Firm, your consultation is free.